Superfoods Echinacea Immune System Booster 30Caps


Superfoods Echinacea Immune System Booster 30Caps

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SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST ECHINACEA X3 contains a combination from there 3 Echinacea species (E. Purpurea, E. Pallida, E. Angustifolia) along with Vitamin C and Zinc Zn which help strengthen the body’s defenses and normal function of the immune system.


The Echinacea genus thrives in America, while the roots of its name are found in ancient Greece, which is “echinos” (meaning “hedgehog”), as it resembles the characteristic shape of the plant’s head. From the 9 different species of Echinacea that exist, only 3 are used for medicinal purposes: E. Purpurea, E. Pallida and E. Angustifolia. Each Echinacea species contains a different type of antioxidants, which are the polyphenols. According to studies, the polyphenols owe their properties to enhancing the immune system throughout the duration of a cold.

 30 hard capsules

Unique formulation:

  • 3 different Echinacea species
  • Each species contains different active polyphenols which enhance the body’s natural defense
  • It contains Vitamin C & Zinc-Zn which help to the normal function of the immune system